Australia's Best Value Golf Balls!

Australia's Best Value Golf Balls!

How we grade our golf balls

We have provided this grading scale to help our customers assess the quality of the balls which we sell and also decide which grade of ball they wish to purchase.

At Lost Golf Balls we clean our golf balls using a dedicated golf ball cleaning machine, we then grade the balls into brand (Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Nike etc) and we then grade these into specific model and grade. The grade of the ball is judged by the cover condition, with the best balls being placed into our top grades and worst condition balls being placed into our lowest grades.

The quality of our grading is what sets us apart in the market, our balls are known to be of the highest quality and we stand behind every product that we sell. Our customers know and love the prices and quality of our products and keep returning for just that reason.

We have listed our grading scale below for your convenience.




These balls are as close to new as they come. These balls will play like new and will have the new ball look and shine that we all love. The balls will show little or no wear and most will look straight out of the box. There's no a lot more you can say about these balls except to say they are excellent quality and like new. Some of the balls may have a small player marking or logo.

AAAA/Near Mint


Great condition for all types of play. These balls are in very good condition and in many cases will look like they should be in the AAAAA/Mint grade. The balls will have slight wear marks and be very similar to a ball you have played for three to four holes. Any slight colour and shine variations will be cosmetic and will not affect the flight and play of the ball. Some of these balls may have small player markings or logos. Overall these are great quality balls which are loved by thousands of golfers around the country.



Good condition balls which have been played for a few holes. These balls have wear which has kept them out of our AAAA/Near Mint category. The balls are very similar to balls which you are playing with after a few holes, they do show wear signs but nothing to stop you playing with them. They may have slight colour variation, scuffs and blemishes but nothing that will affect flight and play of the ball. None of these balls will have cuts. Some of the balls may have player markings and logos.



Older looking balls which are good for beginners or you don't mind a used looking ball. These balls are worn, discoloured and generally look used. That said, the balls are still playable they are just worn looking balls. These are great if you are new to the game or playing a course where you think you may lose a few. The balls may have player markings or logos.

Practice Grade


Good for hitting around at the park and refining your game. These balls include X-outs, practice balls, and balls that have clear discolouration and marks. None of the balls have cuts. They are perfect for using at the practice holes of your local course and refining a new swing. If you are playing with these balls they are great for a risky shot over water for a beginner or smashing away into the sunrise.